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Living in Armidale is easy to imagine. Imagine the beautiful home that you would buy for a fraction of the cost of a home in Sydney. Imagine getting to work in 5 minutes, with no traffic jams to contend with. Think about your children walking to school, just around the corner from your home and not feeling worried. Imagine working in an environment where you have the time to see your child receive an award at school. Imagine not having to worry about water restrictions and think how your garden will blossom. Living in Armidale is not a figment of your imagination, it is an everyday reality for thousands of people.




Region Population: 29,360 residents


Armidale Population: 23,967 residents

Guyra Population: 2,077 residents





 Median House Price:     $535,000  

 Median House Rental:  $343



 Median House Price:     $377,000  

 Median House Rental:  $343



 Average Wage: $53,945


 Top Three Occupation Groups:

  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Community and Personal Service Workers

Top Three Employment Sectors:

  • Education and Training
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing


Australian Bureau of Statistics - Armidale Region 2023, Armidale 2021 and Guyra 2021 and NSW Department of Communities and Justice, 2023

Armidale’s strengths lie in its educational, agricultural, retail and professional services, and it is these industry sectors that provide vital employment for a significant portion of the local labour force. This positions Armidale as a knowledge-based regional service centre with significant economic potential which has achieved a sustainable average annual growth rate of about 1 per cent in each of the past five years.

Armidale differs from most inland regional centres because it has a long established university, transforming it from a rural town to a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city.  Through the University, TAFE, fine independent and public schools the city has become a significant education centre, creating a wider range of jobs and business opportunities than usually found in the country. It has a well educated and diverse population who stimulate change and demand a high standard of living.

The University of New England has established a Medical School with an intake of 60 students each year. As a result Armidale has attracted more medical specialists than ever before and the local hospital will be upgraded for tertiary teaching purposes. The Armidale Private Hospital is also located in the grounds of the public hospital and has been rated amongst the top performing private hospitals in NSW.

Booloominbah Historic House - UNE
Booloominbah Historic House - UNE
Ebor Falls, Guy Fawkes River National Park
Ebor Falls, Guy Fawkes River National Park

Also part of the Armidale Region, the township of Guyra is a vibrant and friendly community of around 2,000 residents, centred amidst wild and wonderful natural attractions. The Guyra District is unique becasue it is situated on the uppermost plateau of the Great Dividing Range in northern New South Wales; from which land falls away to both east and west.

Guyra has been long famous for its wool, lamb, beef and potatoes, which is celebrated each January with the Lamb and Potato Festival. While these are still mainstays of the area, new industries are evolving every day. New industries such as aquaculture, horticulture, metal manufacturing and electronics provide a range of employment opportunities.




Average Maximum Temperature: 19.6oC
Average Minimum Temperature: 7.5oC


Average Yearly Rainfall: 790mm
Average Days of Rain Per Year: 77




Average Maximum Temperature: 17.9oC
Average Minimum Temperature: 5.3oC


Average Yearly Rainfall: 875.6mm
Average Days of Rain Per Year: 81


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Armidale  and Guyra 2023

Armidale is home to the best regional art gallery in NSW outside the main metropolitan cities with major collections valued at over $40 million. The city has a twin cinema which shows mainstream and art house movies. There is the New England Conservatorium of Music, a Symphony Orchestra, a Youth Orchestra, a biennial Bach Festival and several choral groups. The Armidale Drama & Musical Society, Stage One Theatre for Children and the University of New England Department of Theatre Studies perform regularly during the year.

The region has first class sporting facilities, with a range of sporting fields in Armidale and Guyra and the publicly accessible sporting and gym facilities at Sport UNE on the UNE Campus. For those who like the outdoors there are hobby farms on the outskirts of the city to follow rural pursuits, bushwalking in nearby world heritage national parks, trout fishing, white water rafting, sailing in Malpas Dam, Heli-fishing, canyoning and abseiling to name but a few!

Historic churches stand tall in Armidale's centre
Historic churches stand tall in Armidale's centre
Mother of Ducks Lagoon located in Guyra
Mother of Ducks Lagoon located in Guyra



Public Transport

Driving from Armidale to:

 Sydney - 481km in 5 hours and 40 minutes

 Brisbane - 464km in 5 hours and 30 minutes


Driving from Guyra to:

 Sydney - 519km in 6 hours

 Brisbane - 425km in 5 hours

As for business, there are many successful business enterprises in Armidale related to university research and education, to farming and grazing, professional services, retail, manufacturing and information technology. Armidale was the first city in mainland Australia to be fully fibred under the National Broadband Network (NBN) program, and connections are fibre into the home or business. Many Armidale businesses are involved in thriving global ventures.

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